With all that is going on, I have missed a week of updating our Blog… my sincerest apologies.

Furgie.. and a couch of her own

Furgie.. and a couch of her own

We are excited to update Furgie and her fantastic progress in her new home. Amid Clara’s litter, with puppies playing, learning and growing, we met a wonderful family who visited us to be introduced to our Beautiful Flower, “Furgie” (Bulhaven’s Forget Me Not). Furgie was a puppy I kept as my pick-of-the-litter in 2010 (along with her Brother, “Bravo”) but her gentle, reserved personality kept her home rather than in the show ring. With this, I felt it was best for her to give her beauty and kindness where it would be overwhelmingly appreciated and Furgie was placed into the Lewis family at the first of the year..

Bulhaven's Forget Me Not ("Furgie")

Bulhaven's Forget Me Not ("Furgie")

It was a match made in heaven. Furgie is living happily ever after with her own couch, TV, three guys of her own, and Laureen. Thank you to the Lewis family for giving Furgie everything she ever deserved!! We love you Furgie!

I am very excited for tomorrow. I will be visiting Little Miss Lois Lane at her new home to see how she is doing and update her diet with more Natural Raw Feeding. I’ll have my camera ready for this little beautiful daughter of our lovely Clara.

Stay tuned!

Mary at Bulhaven

  1. Carol White says:

    I love this story and the beautiful pictures! She looks to be very happy!

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