Missing my Tygs xoxo

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Funny Tygger, always a joke!!

Funny Tygger, always a joke!!

Today I am missing the most beautiful dog I’ve shared my home with. Well, aren’t they all beautiful in one way or another? This one was beautiful, inside and out. He had the most impressive the coat, like that of a Tiger, red brindle, shiney, tight and muscled. He was as gentle as a Lion.. are Lions really “gentle”? He was so caring and sensitive, what a sweetie! He was comical like a Bear… silly, funny, always smiling. Tygger was an amazing animal.

What a guy... silly smiles

What a guy... silly smiles

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about what joy Tygger brought to my life. He offered that caring special feeling, knowing that someone I took such precious care of had the same caring appreciation to give back to me. He kept his very watchful eye on everything around me, my home, my heart and my friends. Tygger’s sensitivity was only slightly detoured by his job to watch over me.. his heart was so amazingly huge!!

Nothing's better than that sweet face of Tygger!

Nothing's better than that sweet face of Tygger!

Tygger’s passing in 2009 was so very dramatic for my home, my heart in my stomach, the peaceful acceptance of his final comfort. I miss my Tygger. He was the most impressive Bullmastiff by all means. His structure was intense, his substance, physique, attitude, demeanor.. he was a Natural at being Natural.

I bred our Clara this year (2011) to Tygger’s sire, Blackslate’s Hot Shot, which produced our lovely girlfriends-of-superhero’s litter, Bulhaven’s Sweet Polly Purebred and Bulhaven’s Lois Lane. I couldn’t be any happier to have those little parts of Tygger in these no-so-little girls. I am excited to watch them grow and develop. If only they would grow up to be “just like their big brother”!!

Rest in Peace my Tygger, Bulhaven's Walking in Memphis (2000-2009)

Rest in Peace my Tygger, Bulhaven's Walking in Memphis (2000-2009)

I’m missing you Tyggy, especially today…

Rest in Peace. What a great life we shared together.

Stay Tuned!

Mary at Bulhaven

  1. Carol White says:

    Hi Sweet Mary,
    What beautiful words to describe such a magnificent boy. Though I never had the pleasure to meet him I feel as if I know him through your words. I am sending you a huge hug today in the hopes that you can feel a fraction of the love that he brought to your life. I know too well the love that these boys give to their Mommy’s and all whom they adore. There really are no words to describe everything you are feeling today sweetie, but I am here for you. I am sure that his life could not have been any better, that you provided him with everything any puppy could hope for.

    You are one in a million Mary and I feel so blessed that I have had the good fortune to meet you.

    With Much Much Love today,

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