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Well, rightfully so, my beautiful “Cassanova” should be the cover of this Blog Post and he could, should and would… but we are now on the Day After of the Romantic Holiday and I have nothing but smiles in my heart. Sharing Valentine’s Day with the breed I love at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden, NYC and with the man who holds my heart… what a day! Who could ask for a better Celebration?

Now that the Big Day is behind us…

Ch. Leathernecks Stealin' Hearts

Ch. Leathernecks Stealin' Hearts

The dogs and I are all settled into our NEW home in Huntington, CT and Cassanova has put forth his unique way of sharing my bed once again. He has always taken his job of watching over me very seriously, so where else would be better while I am sleeping than right there next to me?!

Temporary fences, furniture, boxes, packing and unpacking.. we are very fortunate now for our fresh start and anxiously excited for 2012 to ring in as a *NEW* year for Bulhaven Bullmastiffs. We are now in Fairfield County, CT and really looking forward to all of our new experiences here.

As Springtime approaches (is winter really going to pass us by this year?) our girls have started their heat cycles starting with Nocello who (poor puppy girl) is having her first season. Noci is 8 months old which is the expected age, she’s right on time. Next I expect Clara’s cycle within a few weeks. I’m currently indecisive about breeding Clara this cycle for her final litter… she absolutely loves being a mama and not only is she extremely good at it, she produces the most amazing puppies. Stay tuned for the news either way and announcement regarding “who’s the daddy”.

Bulhaven's Matter Of Fact (Clara's 2010 "puppy")

Bulhaven's Matter Of Fact, "Bravo" (Clara's 2010 "puppy")

My special boys, “Bravo” (Clara’s son) and “Cassanova” (Clara’s sire) are both such lovely examples of Clara’s potential as a dam. If I were to go ahead with a litter, Clara’s puppies would have a May due date, a special time of year for puppies to explore the outdoors. Butterflies and flowers! 🙂

Stay Tuned

Mary at Bulhaven


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