Old Manila’s Ernani at Bulhaven, “Oslo”

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Oslo” is a puppy I obtained in the winter of 2010 from one of the most well respected breeders in Norway, Old Manila Bullmastiffs, Hilde Kjeldby. Oslo’s dam is the littermate to the number one Bullmastiff in Norway, Old Manila’s Echo Springs… a gorgeous fawn bitch who captivated our hearts here in the United States. Echo was eventually bred to our Cassanova and produced our lovely (and amazing!) young girl, “Nocello”.

Bulhaven's Beautiful Young Brindle Boy, "Oslo"

Bulhaven's Beautiful Young Brindle Boy; Old Manila's Ernani at Bulhaven, "Oslo"

Oslo has become a very special male here at the house, he is so much a part of me (maybe from having his puppy crate in my personal office, he was always “right there”). Without me he looks for me, without him I look for him. I’m not sure how well we go together, but I’d have a hard time thinking of what it would be like if he wasn’t here. His playfulness and athleticism have been a unique combination. He’s as fun as he is tireless; a blending that presents us with nothing less than a comedian!! Oslo has generated laugh after laugh, every shape of smile and giggle, happiness when I am down and a total overall rainbow here at my house and in my heart. He’s a strong dog with a solid build… and inside, his softness is that of a gentle teddy bear needing a big hug.

about the foamey face, just think of me like a good Starbucks latte!!

about the foamey face, just think of me like a good Starbucks latte!!

I believe Oslo will always be the “baby” here, even though I have several younger dogs. His puppish and devilish personality will always be a treat!!

He’s generous, sensitive and delicate, with an “Arnold Schwarzenagger-like” physique… muscles popping out everywhere!! I couldn’t be more excited about Oslo and his potential. He has developed into a beauuuuuutiful and promising young dog. The next few years with Oslo should really be exciting for me.. my brindle boy. xoxo

Oslo at a year and a half old

Oslo at a year and a half old

Oslo has a lot of growing yet to do, physically and mentally. Male Bullmastiffs will continue to develop thru maturity until they are almost three years old. The full growth potential won’t be known until at least this time (3 years). We have alot to be excited about in the next few months. Keep in touch regarding my beautiful brindle, Oslo, and what he has planned next!!

Stay Tuned!

Mary at Bulhaven

  1. I am so happy for the team Mary x Oslo and think it will be a great one. He is so handsome & sweet. Their soul is beautiful ♥
    Regards from sister Bella

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