How Many?

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Happy Monday, April 23rd.. the wonderful week of our radiograph to determine approximately how many puppies Clara is expecting.

Clara's ultrasound exam

Clara's ultrasound exam

A few weeks ago, Clara and I traveled to our reproductive vet for her to be examined by sonogram to determine that our exciting breeding was successful.  Ultrasound diagnosis only “confirms” pregnancy but not actual “litter size”. Radiography (to determine litter size) is possible after day 45 with 95% accuracy in counting number of puppies which we have scheduled for Friday April 27th with much excitement.

Clara’s health is outstanding, her pregnancy has been pleasant and her attitude amazing. This is a relief for a our beautiful mama-to-be and much easier on all of us waiting for her due date. The difficulty of pregnancy is always a concern, Clara is pulling thru fairly well of the final two weeks!! She is so amazing to me. Clara is a Bullmastiff of beauty, boldness and bubbling happiness. She’s everything a Bullmastiff should ever be.

My beautiful girl.. Clara Haute, 48 days in whelp

My beautiful girl..Clara Haute, 48 days in whelp

Bulhaven's Clara Haute: Big, Bold, Beautiful Girl

Bulhaven's Clara Haute: Big, Bold, Beautiful Girl

I will continue BLOG updates as Clara closes in on her “due date”. Nothing could be more exciting than to watch the final stages of this pregnancy and consider Clara successfully producing another litter of Beautiful Bulhaven Puppies for 2012!!I look forward to communication and comments from both potential homes as well as anyone interested in the breed and just sitting back to watch and enjoy.

Stay Tuned!

Mary and Clara at Bulhaven


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