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Happy Mother’s Day to the most special mother of all Ms. Clara Haute (and my own mom of course!!!)

Clara's litter, 4 of the 5

Clara’s litter, 4 of the 5

On May 5th, (Cinco De Mayo) Clara Haute honored Bulhaven Bullmastiffs with her third and final litter, ironically her first litter was 6 days old on Mother’s Day. Clara’s new litter is just 8 days old on this Mother’s Day and Clara has EVERYTHING to be proud of!

Clara's beautiful girls; one red, one fawn

Clara’s beautiful girls; one red, one fawn

We were blessed with three handsome boys and two beautiful girls, the most brilliant reds and fawns!

By natural instinct, Clara has once again mastered counting her puppies, nudging them into a pile to feed them, she cleans them, and snuggles them day and night. As a mother, she is a portrait of Mother Nature giving concentrated, faithful attention to every detail of the puppies’ lives. It is their vulnerability that she is prepared to defend with her life.

A mother’s influence on her litter provides the essential foundation for the future development of the litter.

Although newborn puppies are born without hearing or sight, they possess a well developed sense of smell. Neonatal behavior also reveals a capacity for the simple learning necessary for survival.

Regardless of how one interprets infant behavior and what constitutes true learning, the fact remains that pups’ brain, motor and sensory capacities are all immature during this period. “Learning” at this point is left to only what is necessary for their survival.

Abundance of sleep is an absolute requirement. It is vital to the development of the central nervous system and the brain. Neonatal puppies spend about 90% of their time sleeping. It isn’t until after four weeks that pups are able to stay awake for any sustained amount of time.

During this time, it is the quietness of sleep, combined with regular mothering, nourishment, warmth and elementary movement that establishes the proper climate where the brain and central nervous system may mature.

The Most Beautiful Mama

The Most Beautiful Mama

This litter has interested me by the seemingly rapid development of their senses They’ve already started to get up on their feet and move around rather than stick to the crawl. I guess it’s quicker to get to the food!! I’ve also heard a few of them sit and give a bark when frustrated to find mama when she enters the box. I love the eagerness and alertness of this entire litter.. very exciting!

Life is growth.

Happy Mother’s Day, Clara Haute! 🙂